Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Hollywood cemetery was built in 1899 on the back lot of Paramount Studios. To this day, Hollywood Cemetery holds the remains of more Hollywood stars than any other place in the world. And some remain active even today. Such as Rudolph Valentino, Cliff Webb and Virginia Rappe to just barely scratch the surface.

 Rudolph Valentino was a heartthrob silent film actor, who's sudden death made headlines worldwide. Thousands of people poured in to attend his funeral service. What was even more mysterious, there was a woman in a black dress and veil that frequently visited his grave. Although, many believe this woman to be Ditra Flame, a woman who Valentino made an agreement with. If he passed away before she did, that she would visit him. Many have reported seeing a single rose appear in a vase, and a figure of a woman in black kneeling before his grave.

  Virginia Rappe, perhaps wanting her true story to be told also remains vocal at the Hollywood Cemetery. Her life had been taken at the young age of only 25. Her death even today, remains a mystery. There have been various cruel and unusual rumors told. Some have said she had multiple abortions, she was an alcoholic, promiscuous and had venereal diseases. There were even 3 trials in attempt to accuse “Fatty” Arbuckle of raping and murdering her using a liquor bottle. She passed away a few days later after a party “Fatty” Arbuckle had thrown, of a ruptured bladder. The doctor that tended to her claimed there were no signs of rape. However, back in those days many were silenced…just look at the scandal at Jean Harlow’s home in Benedict Canyon. Truth be told, no one really knows what caused her death. I can honestly say, after reviewing all the information I have pulled, even I am torn. Nevertheless, cold spots and the sounds of weeping are often reported at her grave.

  Clifton Webb a famous American actor and singer still displays his talents even more than 50 years after his death in the Psalms Mausoleum. Several eyewitnesses have reported hearing disembodied voices, whistling and yelling out "Attention”, Others experienced the electrical manipulation of the lights, felt a cold draft and a strange cologne permeates through the air by his grave. And there have even been some that claim to have seen his spirit, still dressed in a nice suit.

 While Hollywood Cemetery is widely known to be the resting place of hundreds of Hollywood celebrities, it is also now officially a National Historical Site. If ever given the chance to visit Los Angeles, definitely take the time to stop by and check out the Hollywood Cemetery. There are many very famous celebrities buried there such as Jane Mansfield, Carl Switzer "Alfalfa", Douglas Fairbanks, Johnny Ramone, Tyrone Power just to name a few. There is a registry as well you can look at, there are clearly too many to list here.

Manson Murders/10050 Cielo Drive

From the early 60s to mid-90s, the 10050 Cielo Drive house has been a hot subject of controversial media attention. While it is true, the “house” bore witness to the infamous Sharon Tate family ritual murder, its history of violence goes back long before that terrible night.

 Today the once before luxury structure is demolished, and the address has been updated to 10066 Cielo Dr. However, reports of strange incidents and unexplained phenomenon still trickle in just as frequently now as before. Having said that, we will go back to the fateful evening of 1969. The day when Hollywood’s upcoming star, Sharon Tate and her unborn child was brutally murdered, alongside several others.

 It was clearly an act of brutality, the worst of its kind, by all standards. Investigations revealed that the murders were part of “Charles Manson Family” ritual killings. Over time, the address foresaw several occupants’.  All of them at some point reported having felt a strange flood of negative energy and overall depression in the atmosphere. Many have claimed to have experienced hearing eerie footsteps, witnessing full bodied apparitions, observing object and electrical manipulation etc. The list clearly goes on and on.

 Trent Reznor, the “9 Inch Nail” band member was the last resident of the house, before it was demolished in 1993. Reznor’s final words after leaving the house were, “There was too much history in that house for me to handle.” As of today, the location is occupied by David Oman, a well-known Hollywood producer with beliefs of his own on the spiritual realm.

 Each year, David Oman hosts an annual meeting in honor of the Hollywood stars who lost their lives in 1969 Cielo Drive murders. He is a firm believer in spirits and the afterlife. And in his own experience, he once said that “It is the living that scare him the most” of course Oman is a very wise man, stating that truth. The very talented, David Oman also served as co-producer on the 2011 “House at the End of the Drive” movie project. 

 For David Oman, and many other outsiders, paranormal investigations became more than just a hobby. People wanted to find out what really happened. They needed fill the gap in finding out the history of the Benedict Canyon area. Some believe a long time ago, the Canyon served as a sacred burial ground for the Native Indians. Others believe the land may be cursed, of course both are just speculations, with no solid evidence to prove otherwise. The only factual information I was able to find, was a Battle between the Indians and the Early Californians in the Benedict Canyon area. As a result, that could possibly attribute to the high levels of phenomena in the area. As we all know, any violent and untimely deaths can cause paranormal activity to occur.

 Several years later, when the government started with structural planning, they levelled the entire area flat, and laid down foundations for new houses to be developed. It is rumored that the Tate residence wasn’t the only one to go through a horrific incident; there were many others as well. George Reeves, the original lead character in The Superman movie, also committed suicide in his Benedict Canyon residence. As well, the Jean Harlow house is also in Benedict Canyon and is only 1.4 miles from the Manson Murder House. Sharon Tate ironically, had a vivid paranormal experience of her own in the prior home of Jean Harlow while still dating Jay Sebring. 

 Dr. Barry Taff, renowned parapsychologist investigated the “Manson Murder House” while it was still intact in the early 90s. He concluded that the house was the “Mount Everest of haunted houses”, and at one point during the intense investigation, quote, “A Disneyland for the dead.”

 On that fateful night, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Steven Parent alongside Sharon Tate lost their lives in a senseless act of violence, this is an unfortunate fact. However, the tragedy will never be forgotten, and those lost that night will always be remembered.